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Take the next big leap forward in your business, with growth acceleration experts, workshops, and special trainings

Price: $1,000

What to Expect:

LIFT your business higher

Experience a dramatic lift in your business success and growth, be lifted up by the supportive and generous Mirasee community and our entire team, and lift others with your own special experience, expertise and passion.

Join us in beautiful San Diego

The event will take place over 3 days, June 15-17, in beautiful, sunny San Diego, California. Come join me, the Mirasee team and other committed business owners, as we LIFT everyone to the next level.

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"The results from… actually sticking with it and making this course possible, it's actually crazy to me. It's been over $50,000 now that have come into my business which is awesome."

- Molly Mahoney, The Prepared Performer

"I've invested in tens and tens of thousands worth of courses and mastermind groups... this is one of the few where you have such great support from the team that has created this product... the Mirasee folks are there with you all along the way."

- Steve Gordon, Author of Unstoppable Referrals, Author and Consultant

"So I had in total 11 people go through it. I made about $3,700 which more than paid for the investment in the Course Builder's Laboratory which I was pleased about."

- Diane Bolden, Organizational effectiveness consultant and executive coach

"I have now launched a successful online class that's sold out with 12 folks paying $197 [each]"

- John Ford, Author and Founder of the HR Mediation Academy.